Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Memorial For Felix and Linda

This beautiful kitten, a resident at the Rainbow Bridge needs to be remembered as a beloved fur baby who's life was far too short. Adopted and adored by Linda, she misses him terribly.

Felix was found under one of the mobile school units by one of Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital's clients, who brought him to the clinic. He was only three weeks old when he was found, abandoned.

Linda wrote: "It started out as a "foster" baby for me but once I bottle fed him a couple of times I knew he was here to stay. We now think his mother abandoned him because she knew something was wrong. He was all alone out there."

This adorable baby had succumbed to F.I.P, sadly, and was not able to respond to treatment. Since he was so sick, Linda made the terribly difficult decision to release him from his suffering and with great love and tenderness, Felix was gently put to sleep, by his loving veterinarian, Dr. Erin Holder.

Rest in peace, sweet Felix. While your life was all too short, you made a huge imprint on the hearts of everyone who knew you.

Our hearts go out to Linda with much compassion and love.


satanicsquirrel said...

so cute

Anonymous said...

We still miss you my sweet little boy. Daddy talks about you often and I get teary eyed when I look at your picture. You gave us great joy in the short time you were in our home. Daddy loved when you crawled up on his chest and nestled in for a little nap. He knew he finally had a cat in the house that favored him over me. We will never forget you.
Love you baby,

jmuhj said...

My deepest condolences on the lost of sweet, precious baby Felix. How I know the pain of losing a kitten to FIP. It happened with my Koala Naomi several years ago, and I will never forget it. She had been completely healthy, bouncy, happy, and thriving until she had her FIP vaccine. This is very controversial, but a lot of cat lovers absolutely refuse to have this because of its potential for being lethal.

I am so sorry. I know you will always carry baby Felix in your heart; and I hope that, in tribute to him, you will be able to adopt and help another deserving cat or kitten.