Friday, December 5, 2008

Memorial For Samantha and Her Family

It is with sadness that I write a memorial for my friend Susie, who recently lost her beloved cat, a part-Siamese named Samantha. Susie's grief deepand she misses her greatly/. Susie's other cats are grieving, especially Zen, who expresses his feelings openly. Fredricka, Susie's Blood Parrot fish also openly misses Samantha's company as Samantha would visit the tank and "talk" to her fish.

Susie wrote that Samantha was a sweet, calm and friendly kitty, and was quite protective of her. "She passed peacefully, but it was a shock as she was fine the day before."

Samantha only had one eye, but Susie did not care about that. She adopted her about ten years ago, sharing her loving home and heart with joy.
Having had two litters of kittens during her lifetime, Samantha is survived by several "babies". Kim and Snickers live with her daughter.

Please leave a prayerful comment of condolence for Susie, her husband, and her other pets at this sorrowful time.


Donna said...

Samanatha was BEAUTIFUL...too few know that beauty is in the soul, in the personality, not in one's looks. Samanatha was undoubtedly loverlooked or passed over for a home because of her missing eye...but then again I'm certain she was waiting for YOU. Watch carefully over the next days and weeks, don't be surprised if you see a little something from Samantha in one of the other kits. When my beloved Clif died one of my other cats (on the day Cliff died) did 3 tricks ONLY Cliff did -- and she hasn't done them since. Cliff also seems to have told the newest member of the family, Mouse who is two now, about turning on the touchlamp. Sam's still around in spirit, I know you'll be comforted by that soon. God bless her, she was surely a blessing to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I feel your sadness. My post for my cat is just below yours. Our cat children fill us with unconditional love and devotion. What a beautiful cat child you shared with the Lord. I honestly believe that our cat children's lives are shorter than ours because when they arrive on earth they already understand the whole total love and devotion thing so their work of spreading the word is short.
Now there is a new and bright star shining in the night. It is Samantha's soul watching over you.

Luvbarbaro said...

Samantha is/was a very gorgeous cat, I also have a cat who is almost blind. I always write is on memorials because I truly believe she is still with you, still with us. I don't like to use a past tense adjective.

Anyway, I'm very sorry that Samantha went to heaven, she is an Angel with God now watching over you. I'm very sorry for your pain and your other cats missing her. It's hard telling (Yes, I talk to my Cats & Dogs-- very much actually) them that Samantha has gone to heaven, but that's what I did when my dog died. My one cat was very confused & sad too, but in time and after many, many of my tears had fallen on his back, he was OK.

God Bless you Susie,

jmuhj said...

Indeed Samantha's soul shines and will never leave you; be still and look and listen, and you may become aware of her presence close by. Know, too, that you will be reunited forever with her in a way that will be real to you as her physical presence has been in your lives; and treasure the many loving memories in your hearts until you are all together once again.