Thursday, April 2, 2009

Majestic King: Memorial for Alysheba By: Rustysgoldensong

As the sun rises over the Kentucky hills, the cold morning dew tickles your hooves. Your caretaker's gentle hands brush the morning hay out of your mane. Bath -time is calling to your old body to be warmed by the soothing warm water. Morning steam evaporates off your body like a silver cloud, as you stretch and yawn while the radiant golden sun fills the sky.

Another day is spent frolicking in the Kentucky blue grass and being ever so gently pampered by your devoted caretakers. You feel the extraorinary abundance of love deep inside your heart, by all those who handle you. All they have to do is look into your deep brown eyes and they surrendor their hearts to you. They know your dreams. They feel every beat of your heart.

Your days are filled with joy as you run along the tall fences, chasing summer butterflies that play with you, landing on your nose and inviting you to a game of tag

It's been a whirlwind of 25 years. You have traveled the world. Now you have come home to us. You delight in watching the people's faces who visit you each day, and you, America's Horse, pose regally for your fans who hasten to snap your photograph. They will go home with precious keepsakes which will forever remind them of their visit with you.

You stood in the fields of your forefathers. You pawed upon the ground that the great John Henry walked with his mighty hooves.

You Alysheba, the Majestic King, Noble Warrior never asked for anything, just a stall filled with sweet smelling straw upon which to lay your head and to be amply fed and cared for, and most of all. . . to be loved.

God's Right Hand touched you on March 27, and gently took you home across the rainbow bridge. He brought you Home to help others who come across and are frightened.

The day you went home to Jesus, you were never alone. The Great Caretaker was there, touching you, comforting you to not be afraid. Your journey was ended and eternal peace and joy awaited you.

And when I die, a fence will not separate us. I will touch the nose of my hero, Alysheba. I feel strongly that we have been connected forever my dear friend, as you are truly a gift to me from Jesus.

On that day you will see my beloved angel dogs and me, and we will romp together. This is not a good-bye my friend, but only that famous "ditto" just for now.

All my love,

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Memorial For Felix and Linda

This beautiful kitten, a resident at the Rainbow Bridge needs to be remembered as a beloved fur baby who's life was far too short. Adopted and adored by Linda, she misses him terribly.

Felix was found under one of the mobile school units by one of Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital's clients, who brought him to the clinic. He was only three weeks old when he was found, abandoned.

Linda wrote: "It started out as a "foster" baby for me but once I bottle fed him a couple of times I knew he was here to stay. We now think his mother abandoned him because she knew something was wrong. He was all alone out there."

This adorable baby had succumbed to F.I.P, sadly, and was not able to respond to treatment. Since he was so sick, Linda made the terribly difficult decision to release him from his suffering and with great love and tenderness, Felix was gently put to sleep, by his loving veterinarian, Dr. Erin Holder.

Rest in peace, sweet Felix. While your life was all too short, you made a huge imprint on the hearts of everyone who knew you.

Our hearts go out to Linda with much compassion and love.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prayers Requested For Maxie and RUSTYSGOLDENSONG

RUSTYSGOLDENSONG. (Jessy) has shared her home with Maxie since she was 4 days old, after finding her buried alive by her owners. She was the only survivor of her litter.

A canine with a great will to live, and overcoming with many struggles during her young life, with Jessy's tender love and help, she grew into a magnificent dog.

Maxie is now 11 years old and was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. One of her kidneys is not functioning properly, but she is on medication now which hopefully will help her heal.

Jessy is terribly worried about her canine pal, and is requesting prayers for Maxie. Please light a candle for her as well. Jessy's only Christmas wish is that the treatment Maxie is getting will prolong her life, and that she will be able to share many happy and healthy years ahead.

Please leave a healing prayer for Maxie and Jessy by leaving a comment of support.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Memorial For Samantha and Her Family

It is with sadness that I write a memorial for my friend Susie, who recently lost her beloved cat, a part-Siamese named Samantha. Susie's grief deepand she misses her greatly/. Susie's other cats are grieving, especially Zen, who expresses his feelings openly. Fredricka, Susie's Blood Parrot fish also openly misses Samantha's company as Samantha would visit the tank and "talk" to her fish.

Susie wrote that Samantha was a sweet, calm and friendly kitty, and was quite protective of her. "She passed peacefully, but it was a shock as she was fine the day before."

Samantha only had one eye, but Susie did not care about that. She adopted her about ten years ago, sharing her loving home and heart with joy.
Having had two litters of kittens during her lifetime, Samantha is survived by several "babies". Kim and Snickers live with her daughter.

Please leave a prayerful comment of condolence for Susie, her husband, and her other pets at this sorrowful time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Memorial for Dustbunny: For Lorrie and Family

This morning, my heart was saddened to learn that Dustbunny, Lorrie's beautifu beloved soulmate 16 year old cat now resides at the Rainbow Bridge.

After a long illness, Dustbunny passed on peacefully in her sleep, not awakening from her nap, curled up basking in the warmth of the stove after eating supper. As Lorrie writes, "Somewhere in her dreams she slipped away from her earthly prison and is now a beautiful sassy cat angel.

Dustbunny was an amazing kitty. Lorrie describes her intelligence as "startling for us humans." She playfully enjoyed flushing toilets, turning lights and ceiling fans on and off, turning on the TV using the remote, and able to open any cabinet or cupboard to hunt for a treat. She even was able to open the refrigerator door open. And even though she was spayed, her maternal instinct was so strong that when Lorrie rescued kittens, Dustbunny would come into milk and nurse and train the kittens.

A strong willed cat, Dustbunny was "sassy" and when she misbehaved, would frequently show her displeasure with her human parents when they tried to correct her. But just the sight of a spray bottle was sufficient for her to disappear in a flash.

Lorrie wrote, "For 16 years she was my sweet and loving companion and my online namesake. She was queen of our home and ruled it with an iron paw and tons of love. Good bye sweet angel. Watch for me someday up there and make sure you sass an angel once in a while"

Please join us in a prayer by leaving a comment for Lorrie and her family who are devastated by their loss. Dustbuny is once again restored to health and vigor as she waits for her human family at the Rainbow Bridge but will be sadly missed, forever.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Memorial For Maddie: A Beloved Angel Dog

My heart goes out to Joanne, who's wonderful canine companion, Maddie, crossed to the Rainbow Bridge this past Saturday. Joanne described him as a "wonderful Golden retriever with such an outgoing personality. The house seems empty without her." Grief is the price we pay for love, but not ever having that love to share is far more painful.

Only seven years old, which of course makes her loss so much harder for the family, but her sudden rapidly failing health was overwhelming and they were faced with that difficult decision, to give Maddie the final gift of love . . . to end her suffering. Maddie passed to the bridge peacefully, surrounded by her loving family.

Their other Golden misses Maddie terribly, but Joanne truly believes that Maddie said her final "goodbye" to her canine pal, Mikey on Friday when she kissed his face. Their cats also acknowleded her illness and passing. Joanne ended by saying, "What a hole in our household this loss has made. I know time heals but we miss her terribly.

Please send healing prayers to Joanne and the entire family by leaving a comment of prayerful well wishes.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Memorial For Danube and Lorrie

On November 13, beautiful 20 year-old Danube peacefully went to the Rainbow Bridge.

This is what Lorrie shared about Danube's passing.

"Today is gloomy and rainy both in nature and in my heart. This morning Danube told me it was time. He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and I could see in their depths, that it was time to let him go.

I will miss his tiny voice, his beautiful continence and his calm loving presence. My Snowshoe boy is now with the angels, healthy and strong and sitting in heaven's windows watching my world go by. goodbye old friend."

Rest sweetly dear Danube, knowing your are loved and missed, but will be reunited with Lorrie one day when it is time.

Grief is the price we pay for love, but never sharing that great love is even more painful.