Thursday, April 2, 2009

Majestic King: Memorial for Alysheba By: Rustysgoldensong

As the sun rises over the Kentucky hills, the cold morning dew tickles your hooves. Your caretaker's gentle hands brush the morning hay out of your mane. Bath -time is calling to your old body to be warmed by the soothing warm water. Morning steam evaporates off your body like a silver cloud, as you stretch and yawn while the radiant golden sun fills the sky.

Another day is spent frolicking in the Kentucky blue grass and being ever so gently pampered by your devoted caretakers. You feel the extraorinary abundance of love deep inside your heart, by all those who handle you. All they have to do is look into your deep brown eyes and they surrendor their hearts to you. They know your dreams. They feel every beat of your heart.

Your days are filled with joy as you run along the tall fences, chasing summer butterflies that play with you, landing on your nose and inviting you to a game of tag

It's been a whirlwind of 25 years. You have traveled the world. Now you have come home to us. You delight in watching the people's faces who visit you each day, and you, America's Horse, pose regally for your fans who hasten to snap your photograph. They will go home with precious keepsakes which will forever remind them of their visit with you.

You stood in the fields of your forefathers. You pawed upon the ground that the great John Henry walked with his mighty hooves.

You Alysheba, the Majestic King, Noble Warrior never asked for anything, just a stall filled with sweet smelling straw upon which to lay your head and to be amply fed and cared for, and most of all. . . to be loved.

God's Right Hand touched you on March 27, and gently took you home across the rainbow bridge. He brought you Home to help others who come across and are frightened.

The day you went home to Jesus, you were never alone. The Great Caretaker was there, touching you, comforting you to not be afraid. Your journey was ended and eternal peace and joy awaited you.

And when I die, a fence will not separate us. I will touch the nose of my hero, Alysheba. I feel strongly that we have been connected forever my dear friend, as you are truly a gift to me from Jesus.

On that day you will see my beloved angel dogs and me, and we will romp together. This is not a good-bye my friend, but only that famous "ditto" just for now.

All my love,


Vicki said...

Oh gosh, that is just beautiful. I am crying like a baby. Like his very famous sire, he was so special. Jessy, what a beautiful tribute to such a grand champion. Your words touch my heart with such affection. Your love for him shows so eloquently with your loving thoughtful words. Although I have seen many famous horses, I never got to see him, and now hope of that dream is snuffed out. But I will always remember him and his contribution to those of us who loved him so much.

Anonymous said...

So very beautiful. Someday I will visit that beautiful place and see the kings and queens of the equine world and a few friends too. I ope he meets my angel horses, Dick, Dan and Tom the draft horses of my youth. I am sure he will find Captain Wolf and Judy Hanover my retired trotting horses that went to the bridge. Skipper, the blind rescue horse and of course Nippy, Lady, Snowfire and Banshee our ponies who have past on so many years ago. They are all frolicking together now. Such a comforting thought. Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Oh my, what a beautiful, moving tribute to such a fine horse.
Jessy, you have such a special way with words, one can tell right away these words were straight from your heart. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. Jesus be always by your side.

Anne said...

Oh Jessy . What a magnificant tribute to a magnificant horse. I can visualize it all as I read your words, and tears come to my eyes.
What a wonderful hero you have in Alysheba. I can hear and feel how deeply he has touched your life.
Thank you for touching all of our lives as you shared your heart with us. May Jesus be with you. God bless you always. Love and prayers , Anne