Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prayers Requested For Maxie and RUSTYSGOLDENSONG

RUSTYSGOLDENSONG. (Jessy) has shared her home with Maxie since she was 4 days old, after finding her buried alive by her owners. She was the only survivor of her litter.

A canine with a great will to live, and overcoming with many struggles during her young life, with Jessy's tender love and help, she grew into a magnificent dog.

Maxie is now 11 years old and was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. One of her kidneys is not functioning properly, but she is on medication now which hopefully will help her heal.

Jessy is terribly worried about her canine pal, and is requesting prayers for Maxie. Please light a candle for her as well. Jessy's only Christmas wish is that the treatment Maxie is getting will prolong her life, and that she will be able to share many happy and healthy years ahead.

Please leave a healing prayer for Maxie and Jessy by leaving a comment of support.


Donna said...

Lighting a candle to cast glow over Maxie...may he recover quickly and be healthy very soon.

The Chessie Pride

Vicki said...

Maxine, I know all too well what you are going through, as I have been through it many times. Right now I have an eleven year-old Great Pyrenees recently diagnnosed with lymphoma. I first saaw him when he was only a few days old. I love him dearly, and the thought of losing him breaks my heart. It is such a difficult thing to deal with. But please know that you and your beloved pet are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anne said...

Hi Jessy. I know Maxie and she is precious and I know you and Joey helped her survive her first few days and weeks. And God bless you for all you devote to her and all of your furbabies. I am praying for Maxie to be okay and for you to be able to find peace in all of this. God bless. Love you ,Anne

Saintlover said...

Maxie is in my thoughts & prayers.
I will be praying that she has many more years with you. Its so hard when our babies are sick but hopefully the medicine will work for her. Please keep us all UTD on how she is doing.
Hugs to You & Maxie
Lisa & OZ

Anonymous said...

Jessy, were are praying hard for Maxie!! You are such a caring and loving person to all of your animals. huge hugs to all of you from Ohio

Brutus & Buckeye

Heather said...

I have been lighting candles for Maxie since first heard about what had happened. May Jesus forever hold Maxie in the palm of his hand and heal her.

Joanne said...

God bless you and Maxie. It's such a hard thing to go through and believe me I know. It's like Roger Caras said " Dogs aren't my whole life but they make our lives whole"